FIAMM Ecoforce TR720 EFB 70Ah

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The FIAMM ECOFORCE AFB (Advanced Flooded Battery) range is the best solution for “compact” cars equipped only with Start & Stop system


Voltage: 12 volts

Capacity: 70AH

Inrush Current: 720A

Dimensions mm: 278 x 175 x 190 H

Polarity: DX

AFB technology

Today the energy needs of modern cars require batteries that maintain power over time and that contribute to the reduction of emissions as the FIAMM ECOFORCE range with AGM and AFB technology, intended to equip the new Micro HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) cars. .

FIAMM Ecoforce AFB

AFB technology is suitable for those applications where high resistance to charge and discharge cycles, excellent starting power, a longer life cycle than traditional ones and no maintenance are required.

AFB batteries have been specially developed for applications on Stop & Start cars.

FIAMM AFB batteries are an evolution of traditional lead batteries and have grids in a special Lead Calcium, Tin alloy, increased carbon negative active mass and an increase in the electrolyte reserve.

ECOFORCE AFB (Advanced Flooded Battery) is the best solution for “compact” cars equipped only with Start & Stop system.

In this case, the battery is characterized by a cycling resistance that is twice as high as compared to a traditional battery: in the queue or at traffic lights, ECOFORCE AFB supplies energy to all electrical components when the engine is off and reliably ensures starting. of the car as soon as the clutch is engaged.

Capacity – Ampere

51 to 70

Voltage – Voltage


Construction Technology

Acid Start & Stop AFB


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