Lithium Battery – LFP 12.8 200 (100A)

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LiFePO4 lithium iron batteries are widely used in industrial, residential, commercial and private applications. The maintenance-free construction and advanced design features make this lithium series the definitive choice for a wide variety of markets. Such as solar and renewable energy storage, electric vehicle, golf cart and industrial equipment, floor machines, forklifts, aerial lifts, and robotics; marine, RV, and no-idle solution; MobilityandMedical Equipment; Telecom, Broadband and CableTV; UPSsystems.



Battery Specifications

Battery type-Chemistry  LiFePO4  Voltage Window  10.8-14.4V
Nominal Voltage  12.8V  Recommend Charge  14V
Nominal Capacity  200Ah  Max Charge Voltage  14.6V
Energy Density  2560Wh  Recommend Charge Current  40A
Dimensions(LxWxH)  484*170*240mm  Max Continuous Current  100A
Weight  20KGS  Recommend Discharge Voltage  11.2V
Terminal Type  M8  Max Discharging Voltage  10.8V
Terminal Torque  12.4NM  Max Continuous Discharge Current  100A
Case Material  ABS  Peak Discharge Current  200A/3S
BMS build-in  Yes  Cycle Life(0.2C, 25°C@80% DOD)  6000 Cycles
AH Efficiency – round trip  >98%  Discharge Temperature  (- 20 to 55)°C
Self Discharge per Month  <3%  Charge Temperature  ( 0 to 55)°C
Max in Parallel  4 PCS  Storage Temperature  (- 20 to 45)°C
Max in Series  4 PCS  Heating Function  Optional
LCD Screen  Optional  Bluetooth(App)  Optional

BMS Characteristics

Primary Charging Protection  Current:110A Delay Time:  20s
Second Charging Protection  Current: 200A  Delay Time:  2~3s
Primary Discharging Protection  Current: 110A  Delay Time:  30s
Second Discharging Protection  Current: 200A  Delay Time:  2~3s
Over Charge Voltage Protection  Voltage:14.8V  Delay Time:  1~2s
Over Discharge Voltage Protection  Voltage:10V  Delay Time:  1~2s
 Temperature Protection  PCB Temperature≥95
Communication Port  No

Constant Current Discharge Data (Amperes @ 25°)

Discharge Time /  2h  3h  4h  5h  10h  20h
Cut off voltage (10.8V) / 100A  66.7A  50A  40A  20A  10A

Constant Power Discharge Data (Watts @ 25°C)

Discharge Time /  2h  3h 4h  5h  10h  20h
Cut off voltage (10.8V) /  1280W 853W 640W 512W 256W 128W

Note 1: Please always refer to the latest edition of our technical manual that published on our website to ensure safe and efficient operation.
Note 2: When make parallel connection, please full discharge batteries, then recharge after parallel connected; when series connect, pleasekeep batteries with same remain capacity.
Note 3: Parallel connection is only for longer backup time, not for larger output power.


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