Optima BTDC-4.2 55Ah

325.00 inc. VAT

– 55 Ah

– cold cranking amp EN 765, -18°

– dimensions L 254 x W 172 x H 200 mm

– weight 19,7 kg

– starting power equivalent to approx. 140 Ah normal battery

– a smart battery charger (max. 10A) must be used for charging of the battery


OPTIMA’s unique anatomy is built on SpiralCell® Technology. Instead of flat plates used in ordinary batteries, OPTIMA uses two thin lead plates wound into a spiral cell with a glass-mat between to contain the acid. The technique of winding the cells, which are linked with solid connections, gives maximum performance with a minimum of size and weight. This makes the battery compact, robust and easy to mount.


Maximum durability

– The electrolyte solution is contained in a sealed system, surrounded by a durable and weather resistant plastic, and completely welded together. Neither bumps, collisions, nor sudden temperature changes can interrupt power supply or allow the battery to leak.


Considerably longer life span

– The thin lead plates gives more lead surface area than traditional lead/acid batteries. The design minimizes resistance and gives even pressure over the entire lead surface, providing fast energy and an extra long life span. The larger lead surface also allows faster recharging than regular batteries. In a traditional flooded battery heat causes increased acid density due to gassing which shortens battery life. This will never happen to an OPTIMA battery. Thanks to the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) construction and recombination process you will never have to add water.


Maintenance free

– A major difference from ordinary batteries is that OPTIMA batteries are maintenance free because of the sealed system and no flowing electrolyte. No corrosion can form around the posts.


Easy mounting

– The sealed system allows the battery to be permanently mounted in any angle, making it ideal for installation in narrow spaces.


Maximum starting power

– The technology gives maximum and sure starting power regardless of temperature or the number of deep discharges. Compact OPTIMA batteries have been tested starting large diesel motors in outdoor temperatures from -40°C to +40°C.


Very low self discharge

– Optima batteries are ideal for seasonal use. The low rate of self discharge guarantees plenty of starting power even after long periods of storage.


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