Lithium Battery – LFP 12.8 400 – 400Ah

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LiFePO4 lithium iron batteries are widely used in industrial, residential, commercial and private applications. The maintenance-free construction and advanced design features make this lithium series the definitive choice for a wide variety of markets. Such as solar and renewable energy storage, electric vehicle, golf cart and industrial equipment, floor machines, forklifts, aerial lifts, and robotics; marine, RV, and no-idle solution; MobilityandMedical Equipment; Telecom, Broadband and CableTV; UPSsystems.



Battery Specifications

Battery type-Chemistry  LiFePO4  Voltage Window  10.8-14.4V
Nominal Voltage  12.8V  Recommend Charge  14V ± 0.20V
Nominal Capacity  400Ah  Max Charge Voltage  14.6V ± 0.20V
Energy Density  5120Wh  Recommend Charge Current  80A
Dimensions(LxWxH)  520*267*220mm  Max Continuous Current  200A
Weight  37KGS  Recommend Discharge Voltage  11.2V ± 0.20V
Terminal Type  M8  Max Discharging Voltage  10.8V ± 0.20V
Terminal Torque  12.4NM  Max Continuous Discharge Current  200A
Case Material  ABS  Peak Discharge Current  300A/3S
BMS build-in  Yes  Cycle Life(0.2C, 25°C@80% DOD)  6000 Cycles
AH Efficiency – round trip  >98%  Discharge Temperature  (- 20 to 55)°C
Self Discharge per Month  <3%  Charge Temperature  ( 0 to 55)°C
Max in Parallel  4 PCS  Storage Temperature  (- 20 to 45)°C
Max in Series  4 PCS  Heating Function  Optional
LCD Screen  Optional  Bluetooth(App)  Optional

BMS Characteristics

Primary Charging Protection  Current:220A Delay Time:  20s
Second Charging Protection  Current: 300A  Delay Time:  2~3s
Primary Discharging Protection  Current: 220A  Delay Time:  30s
Second Discharging Protection  Current: 300A  Delay Time:  2~3s
Over Charge Voltage Protection  Voltage:3750mV  Delay Time:  1~2s
Over Discharge Voltage Protection  Voltage:2250mV  Delay Time:  1~2s
 Temperature Protection  PCB Temperature≥95
Communication Port  No

Constant Current Discharge Data (Amperes @ 25°)

Discharge Time 1h  2h  3h  4h  5h  10h  20h
Cut off voltage (10.8V) / 200A  133A  100A  80A  40A  20A

Constant Power Discharge Data (Watts @ 25°C)

Discharge Time 1h  2h  3h 4h  5h  10h  20h
Cut off voltage (10.8V) /  2560W  1706W  1280W  1024W  512W  256W

Note 1: Please always refer to the latest edition of our technical manual that published on our website to ensure safe and efficient operation.
Note 2: When make parallel connection, please full discharge batteries, then recharge after parallel connected; when series connect, pleasekeep batteries with same remain capacity.
Note 3: Parallel connection is only for longer backup time, not for larger output power.


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